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My Skint Person’s Christmas Gift Guide!

30 Nov

Okay, here’s the scenario. You’re skint. You’re a student or out of work or generally just have nothing but moths in your wallet. Someone beloved to you is a foodie. Aside from actual FOOD, what the hell do you get them for Christmas?! You can’t afford a KitchenAid, and they appear to already own every gadget ever invented!

Well, never fear! I am here to guide you through the chaotic high street to find the perfect present. Or at least close enough!


Let’s start off with the Jme Mini Terracotta Pot with paste set – £7.50 from John Lewis.

According to their website –  “These terracotta pots have been designed exclusively for Jme by Russell Pinch. Use is as a simple pinch pot for salt or pepper, in the oven to make a baked egg or mini pudding or swirl the paste into yoghurt or mayo to make a tasty dip”

Great! So once their done eating their yummy paste on some ciabatta or zesting up some meat, they have a lovely little pot to keep for other stuff!

You can either order one individually, or go here if you don’t mind letting John Lewis pick for you. (You can find links to the individual ones from there, don’t worry! I’m not an idiot. Most of the time.)


If you’ve got a BIT more cash than you thought, we’ve got the Paxton and Whitfield Cheese Dome – £20 also from John Lewis.

I got something similar for my brother and his wife last year, but it didn’t have the fancy dome or sexy little chutneys with it, and he uses it all the time! (By all the time, I mean when he’s having a ‘do’)

I think this is a great little gift that looks really fancy and professional. The little drawer with the knives definitely ties it all together.


You like the idea of the cheeseboard, but £20 is a bit above and beyond budget.

So how about this cute Heart Shaped Cheeseboard from Wilkinson’s ‘Little Birds’ range? It’s got a little laser etched heart design in the corner (and is heart shaped…) so perhaps a little girly for the special bloke in your life. But for only £4, maybe he can look at it as an expression of your love?


Wilkos have also got this cute red and white polka dot Pie Maker set, also from the ‘Little Birds’ range, for £10.

Actually, Wilkinson’s Little Birds range is generally great for little bits and bobs. They’ve got heart shaped ramekins, a mezzaluna (which I really wanted to include in this post, but they don’t have it on their website. Bugger!) and all sorts of stuff. I highly recommend it for the budget conscious.

BHS (as usual) have an enormous array of foodie gems this Christmas. Seriously. They have so much stuff, I really struggled to pick just 2. (Have a look at it all here.) But here they my picks –


For the Americana fan in your life, they’ve got this super cute Heinz Tomato Ketchup napkin dispenser for £8, which comes with 30 ‘I ❤ Ketchup’ printed napkins. It’s also refillable (duh).


If your budget can stretch to it, they’ve also got this Oil & Vinegar duo with pourers for £20. If anyone would like to buy me this for Christmas, I’d be more than willing to humbly accept. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!

M&S’s selection was a bit pants, so I’m not even going to bother trying to pick stuff for you out of a rubbish selection. You suck Mr Marks and Mr Spencer!

Okay, new scenario. You get a call from a long lost friend/relative who says they’re on their way to your house with a gift! (And no doubt to drink all your wine/eat all your Quality Street) You haven’t got time to run into town and grab them something, the only option is the supermarket! So here’s my pick of decent supermarket foodie prezzies.

First up is Tesco…


This metal Tala RetroCook’s Measure for £7.94 would also satisfy any retrophile as well. Two in one! Kapow!



Forgot your wallet in the rush? Only got what’s in your pockets? Wallace Mug (of Wallace and Gromit fame) with special W&G teabag for £5. Bish bash bosh!

Next up is ASDA…


Who does’t need a Pestle & Mortar? And I think this one looks considerably more expensive than it is….£3! THREE POUNDS! *Runs off to ASDA to get one…*


Is Christmas really Christmas without mulled wine? Probably not. This set comes with the lovely red jug, wooden spoon, infuser ball and spice mix, for £10. Okay, it’s not the cheapest present they’ve got over at Baby Walmart, but it’s pretty. And once you give it to your unexpected guest, you can ‘suggest’ you use it immediately. But of course, it’s only a ‘suggestion’…ahem.

And Sainsburys…well, let’s not talk about Sainsburys. Their selection was rubbish. RUBBISH. So I’m not including them. You need to up your game sirs!

Anyway, that’s my selection from the high street. My Christmas shopping is nearly done. If you haven’t started yet, I suggest you hurry up!


Ikea Casserole Dish

19 Nov

Ikea Casserole Dish

I got this casserole dish from Ikea about a month ago and it’s fantastic!

It’s cast iron, suitable on ALL hobs, oven safe and it’s only £24!

Can’t afford a Le Creuset? Never fear! Ikea to the rescue!

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